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EXCEL-WEST - Corporate Overview 

EXCEL-WEST  is based out of San Diego, California. Our six satellite offices span California, Arizona, Oregon, and West Virginia. Our development staff allows us the ability to offer a 24-hour development environment and speed to market, that was once only imaginable through mechanisms such as . We service clients all over the world. We cut our teeth on the Net in 1997. Today, we have a well-deserved reputation for providing results for our clients who choose us year after year to help them expand and grow their businesses. We provide unique services that help companies that want to go big fast with innovative, high quality, and low cost solutions. Our professional IT services aim at empowering your enterprise. From getting e-businesses up and running, creating enticing and powerful multimedia content, and managing technology infrastructure, we are focused on helping your business do better. We help you bring defect-free products to market, on time and within budget. We address the specialized needs of this market to offer a complete business and technology offering including development, hosting, and Network management.

Our team numbers over 45 and with its varied skill sets and expertise, is a committed team of people who definitely know and excel at getting the job done to your satisfaction and beyond. We deliver, no matter what it takes - and have a great time doing it!

EXCEL-WEST is a rapidly growing information technology firm providing services globally to growing businesses and Fortune 500 companies. EXCEL-WEST has five primary lines of business including, website design and engineering, information technology services, Internet and e-business success services, and multimedia technologies. 

EXCEL-WEST helps companies to increase their productivity, profits and competitive edge with computers, software, custom programs and the world wide web. Each solution is tailored to the client's individual needs. These needs are determined during the initial technology and design assessment. Read more at the EXCEL-WEST website >>

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