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Q. How much is OfficeOnTheInternet?  A. (Click for prices)

Q.  Can I host my data on my own server? A. Yes

Q. What are the advantages of using A. See list here.

Q. Is there a setup fee for OfficeOnTheInternet? A. Only for certain plans. (More) 

How quickly can I get an access to my account? A. Right away, once we verify you by email and you configure it.

Q. How is my financial and personal information kept safe?

A. Yes. All sensitive information is protected via the highest level of SSL encryption (128 bit) to prevent it from being intercepted by unauthorized parties. Once the information arrives at our data center (NTT/Verio), it is password-protected in a datastore. The data store is additionally fortified by an ICSA Certified firewall that blocks out instrusion attempts. Additionally, we subscribe to vendor security notification lists, and install new vendor patches as promptly as possible...most often with 24 hours. Finally, 3rd party security experts go through all of our system on a routine basis looking for holes, and anything they find is promptly sealed and documented.

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Q. What is the difference between an External and an Internal Member?

A. Subscribers to Company Plan 3 or higher have the ability to maintain a list of "Internal Members" and can also invite "External Members" into a Workspace.

Internal Members are users who are usually employed by your company or organization. Depending on the Company Plan that you subscribe to will determine the maximum number of Internal Members that you can maintain at a time.

External Members are users who are not employed by your company or organization, such as Clients, Partners, Vendors or Consultants.

Depending on the Company Plan that you subscribe to will determine the maximum number of External Members that you can invite into a Workspace.

Team Plan Subscribers do not have the ability to differentiate between "Internal" or "External" Members. Team Plan subscribers are simply limited by the "Maximum # of Members Per Workspace."

Q. How do you calculate the "Number of Members Per Workspace?"

A. The "Number of Members" is calculated on a PER WORKSPACE basis and depends on which plan you subscribe to.

For Team Plan subscribers, the Workspace Member Maximum is calculated by the TOTAL number of Members in the Workspace. For example, if you are subscribed to Team Plan 1, you are allowed to invite up to 10 Members into EACH Workspace (up to 3 Workspaces) for a total of 30 Members.

Company Plan subscribers can maintain a master list of Internal Members and can also invite External Members into each Workspace. For example, if you are subscribed to Company Plan 3, you are allowed to invite all of your Internal Members (25 Members) plus up to 250 External Members into EACH Workspace.

Q. Do I have to sign a contract?

A. Yes. Acknowledging terms of us, privacy and so on. OfficeOntheInternet Workspace plans are pay-as-you-go services. We offer monthly, quarterly and annual billing schedules.

Q. Can I upgrade or change my plans later?

A. Yes. You may upgrade or downgrade your plans at anytime.

You may use our online upgrade/downgrade service, or click here to contact us and we will upgrade or change your plan accordingly.

Q. How do I cancel a subscription?

A. To cancel a subscription to OfficeOnTheInternet TM, click here to contact us. Refunds and Credits cannot be issued for partial months or periods pre-paid in advance.

Q. What payment methods do you accept?

A. We currently accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and Discover, online.

For Pre-paid Annual Subscriptions to Company Plans we accept Purchase Orders. Please click here to contact us
or call us at 888-317-9300 to request an invoice..

Q. Do you provide Custom Training or Consulting Services for my business?

A. In addition to providing a Free Weekly Webinar, OfficeOnTheInternet TM provides a variety of custom training and consulting services.

Q. What are the System Requirements to optimally use OfficeOnTheInternet TM?

A. Please visit our 'Sytem Requirements' page. (More)

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